Why Join Our Team

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Professional Services

Your business is our number one priority. Let us create the framework necessary to help your business achieve optimal success.

Creative Web Solutions

Creativity is key. Let your business shine with our vast range of creative web solutions that will give your company the professional aesthetic it needs to engage with customers.

Support & Maintenance

Let us be your IT backbone. With our Support and Maintenance services, you will never have to worry about losing out to downtime again and neither will your customers.

Managed Services

Managing a business has never been so easy. With our Managed Services, we cover all of the bases of your IT needs, giving you the time to focus on the bigger picture.

Our Current Vacancies

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We provide the best in business continuity, with a focus on giving your business the resilience, restoration and contingency that it needs to optimize its functions.

We promote and re-sell eco-friendly cloud computing solutions, virtualization solutions and re-certified hardware as part of ConnectIT Solutions. Operations Green.

Our authorized channel partners include BitDefender, Cisco, Citrix, EMC, Juniper, Lenovo, Microsoft, SolarWimds, Snom, Veeam, vmWare and Yealink.

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